Thursday, June 28, 2018

eBooks added to the eBook Collection (EBSCO) June 28, 2018

101 careers in healthcare management/Friedman
Abortion: a continuing debate/Green
Aluminum in America: a history/Skrabec
American government: political parties/Perritano
Anxious thoughts workbook: skills to overcome the unwanted intrusive…/Clark
Becoming digital: toward a post-internet society/Mosco
Burn out: the endgame for fossil fuels/Helm
Can I tell you about bipolar disorder? A guide for friends, family../Mainstone-Cotton
Cancer stem cells: philosophy and therapies/Laplane
Color of money: black banks and the racial wealth gap/Baradaran
Conservatives against capitalism/Kolozi
Creative courage: leveraging imagination, collaboration…/Altidor
Darkening web: the war for cyberspace/Klimburg
Davis's basic math review for nursing and health professions/Raines
Death penalty: a reference handbook/Melusky
Eat the beetles: an exploration of our conflicted relationship with insects/Waltner-Toews
End of an era: how China's authoritarian revival is undermining its rise/Minzner
End of its rope: how killing the death penalty can revive criminal justice/Garrett
Evidence based practice in action: comprehensive strategies, tools, and tips…
Fracking debate: intergovernmental politics of the oil and gas…/Fisk
Future of correctional rehabilitation: moving beyond the RNR model…/Ziv
Game on: gamification, gameful design, and the rise of the gamer educator/Bell
Graphene: the superstrong, superthin and superversatile material that…/Johnson
Heart of the constitution: ow the bill of rights became the bill…/Magliocca
How men age: what evolution reveals about male health and mortality/Bribiescas
In defense of processed food: it's not nearly as bad as you think/Shewfelt
Is racism an environmental threat?/Hage
Land of permanet goodbyes/Abawi
Lincoln and the politics of slavery: the other thirteenth amendment…/Crofts
Lyme: the first epidemic of climate change/Pfeiffer
Making sense of science: separating substance from spin/Dean
Masses are the ruling classes: policy romanticism, democratic populism../Epstein
My nuclear nightmare: leading Japan through the Fukushima disaster…/Kan
Not a crime to be poor: the criminalization of poverty in America/Edelman
Nursing beyond the bedside: 60 non-hospital careers in nursing/Lowey
Nursing: health education and improving patient self-management/Sassen
On the move: changing mechanisms of Mexico-U.S. migration/Garip
Politics of local government: governing in small towns and suburbia
Separate and unequal: the Kerner commission and the unraveling…/Gillon
Social work practice with survivors of sex trafficking and…
Surviving justice: America's wrongfully convicted and exonerated
Water, abundance, scarcity, and security in the age of humanity/Schmidt
We are all fast food workers now: the global uprising against poverty wages/Orleck
Who we are and how we got here: ancient DNA and the new science of the human past/Reich
Yankee plague: escaped union prisoners and the collapse…/Foote
You will be mine/Preston

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New streaming video June 13, 2018

Titles of Recently Added Videos in Films on Demand Database
A Green Mark Singapore
Abomey, Benin: The Kingdom of the Slave Traders
Accra, Ghana: Where Gold and People Were Shipped Away
Africa: The Business of Food
Amazon, the Final Frontier
Ambohimanga, Madagascar: The Hill of the Kings
Angra do Heroismo, Portugal: The Azores and Europes Discovery of the World
Antigua, Guatemala: Dangerous Beauty
Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland: Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp
Avignon, France: The Palace of the Popes
Baku, Azerbaijan: In the Land of Fire
Battle for Our River
Berlins Museum Island, Germany: Prussias Treasure House
Borobudur, Indonesia: Mountain of the Thousand Buddhas
Branches of Statistics: Lecture 1, Part 1
Butrint, Albania: Health Resort and Festival Venue of the Ancient World
Caracas University, Venezuela: A Dream in Concrete
Chichén Itzá, Mexico: The Mystery of the Decline of the Maya
Cidade Velha, Cape Verde: A Marriage between Portugal and Africa
Communicating Hope in an Age of Despair: Elin Kelsey
Costa Rica: Land for Sale
Cutting Glass: Lesson 3
Death in Camp Delta
Delhi the Dump
Design and Cartooning: Lesson 2
Djoudj, Senegal: Watery Wilderness on the Edge of the Sahara
Easter Island, Chile: Mysterious Giants
Einstein And The Theory Of Relativity: A Unique Story
Fasil Ghebbi, Ethiopia: A Fortress-Camp
Fatehpur Sikri, India: The Ghost Town of the Moghul Emperor
Four Seasons on the Farm
Fraser Island, Australia: The Sleeping Goddess
Galileo, the Birth of a Star
Girlfriend in a Coma
Going, Going, Gone (Tsukiji Fish Market)
Göreme, Turkey: Stone City of Early Christianity
Hawaii, United States: Home of Pele, Goddess of Fire
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Canada: The Bison Precipice
Hiroshima, Japan
History of Stained Glass - From Romanesque to High Gothic: Lesson 1
Hué, Vietnam: Where Mourning Smiles
Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland: Where Icebergs Are Born
Independence Hall, United States: The Sound of Liberty
Itsukushima, Japan: The Voice of Nature
James Hubbell Estate: Lesson 10
Kandy, Sri Lanka: Living Buddhism
Kathmandu Valley, Nepal: Royal Towns at the Foot of the Himalayas
Kyoto, Japan: Form and Emptiness, Emptiness and Form
Lake Neusiedel, Austria and Hungary: Nowhere Is the Sky Vaster
Lalibela, Ethiopia: Jerusalem at the Horn of Africa
Lamu, Kenya: The Magical Stone City
Liverpool, England
Luang Prabang, Laos: Old Royal City on the Mekong
Masada, Israel: A Story of Survival
Mesa Verde, United States: The Spirit of the Anasazi
Mouth-Blown Glass: Lesson 9
Mtskheta, Georgia: The Miracle of St. Nina
Ohrid, Macedonia: A World of Color and Images
Old Florence, Italy
Old Panama City, Panama: 500 Years of Good Business
Paris, France: Pomp and Poetry by the Seine
Puebla, Mexico: City of Churches and Beetles
Restoration Process - Part 1: Lesson 7
Restoration Process - Part 2: Lesson 8
Rhodes, Greece: The Fort and Hospital of the Knights of St. John
Robben Island, South Africa
Ruins of Olympia, Greece
Samarkand, Uzbekistan: The Blue Domes of Tamerlane
San Juan de Puerto Rico, United States: Spains Bulwark in the Caribbean
Sigirya, Sri Lanka: The Legendary Cliff Fortress
Soldering: Lesson 5
St. Catherine's Cloister, Egypt
Taj Mahal, India: A Monument to Undying Love
Taxila, Pakistan: Buddhas Serious Face
That's No Tomato, That's a Work of Art
The Age Of Man
The Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland: The Long Recessional
The Arctic Oasis
The Bay of Kotor, Montenegro: An Adriatic Fjord
The Forbidden City, China
The Frankincense Route in Dhofar, Oman: Tears of the Gods
The Island of Öland, Sweden
The Koguryo Graves, North Korea: Combat-Ready for All Eternity
The Meaning of Place: Gary Saunders
The Monasteries of Haghpat and Sanahin, Armenia
The Old Bridge Area of the Old City of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Priceless Treasures of Dresden
The Rocky Mountains, Canada: A Journey Back to the Ice Age
The Ruins of Byblos, Lebanon
The Stave Churches of Urnes, Norway
The Terracotta Warriors of the First Qin Emperor, China
The Yungang Grottoes, China
Tongariro National Park, New Zealand: New Zealand's Sacred Mountains
Tunis's Old City, Tunisia: A Day in Ramadan
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Australia
Vienna, Austria: Deaths City
Wartburg Castle, Germany: Where Romanticism Dreams of the Middle Ages
Waste Your Life
Working With Putty: Lesson 6
Workshop Overview: Lesson 4
Yasawi Mausoleum, Kazakhstan
Yosemite National Park, United States: Seasons of a Natural Wonder
Zanzibar, Tanzania: the Sultans Island Pearl

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

NEW DVD'S - June 12, 2018

Call Number
DVD 570 L7221
DVD 577.09 F943
Frozen planet
DVD 591 P7121
Planet Earth II
DVD 616 H4341
Heal yourself : taking responsibility for your health.
DVD 616.39 F7219
Forks over knives
DVD 791.4372 A6151
DVD 791.4372 A951a
Marvel's The Avengers
DVD 791.4372 C253
Captain America : civil war
DVD 791.4372 C787
DVD 791.4372 D919
DVD 791.4372 F718
Forever my girl
DVD 791.4372 F898t
Friday the 13th : 8-movie collection
DVD 791.4372 G4277
A ghost story
DVD 791.4372 J657
John Wick. Chapter 2
DVD 791.4372 J657
John Wick
DVD 791.4372 L8311
DVD 791.4372 N939
November criminals
DVD 791.4372 P9681
Proud Mary
DVD 791.4372 T487r
Thor. Ragnarok
DVD 791.4372 W138
The wailing
DVD 791.4372 W2534
War for the planet of the apes
DVD 791.4372 W763
Wind River
DVD 791.4372 W92787
World War Z
DVD 791.45 G4277
Ghost whisperer: the complete series.
DVD 791.45 H8472
How I met your mother. The complete first season
DVD 791.45 P2521
Parks and recreation. Complete Seasons
DVD 791.4575 G434
Giant 600 cartoon collection.
DVD 791.4575 L6495
Let's explore! Dora's greatest adventures.
DVD 791.4575 S6139
The Simpsons. The complete sixth season
DVD 791.4575 S763
SpongeBob SquarePants. The first 100 episodes
DVD 791.4575 T6551
Tom and Jerry