Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Titles - May 22, 2018

Call Number
001.942 F9115 2018
The UFO cover-up : what world governments don't want you to know
Friedman, Stanton
025.04 O5893
Online filter bubbles
Johanson, Paula
225.5209 B58212p
The New Testament in modern English
Phillips, J. B.
302.23 F4694 2018
The fifth estate : extreme viewpoints from alternative media
Roberts, Kathryn
303.483 T2441
Speed limits : where time went and why we have so little left
Taylor, Mark C.
306.2 I198 2018
Identity politics
Schmermund, Elizabeth
320.918 W5276
Western democracy at risk
Hurt, Avery Elizabeth
325.73 D422 2018
Deporting immigrants
Cunningham, Anne C.
327.1273 E588 2018
Enhanced interrogation and torture
Wiener, Gary
338.436151 B5923 2018
Big pharma and drug pricing
Schauer, Pete
345.73 B4992 2018
The criminal law handbook : know your rights, survive the system
Bergman, Paul
362.883 D735
On being raped
Douglas, R. M.
364.168 L972
Hacking and freedom of information
Lusted, Marcia Amidon
370.1 E2477
Education today : issues, policies & practices
Watnick, Beryl
371.285 S789
When smart kids underachieve in school : practical solutions for teachers
Stanley, Todd
539.7 S8571
Particle physics brick by brick : atomic and subatomic physics explained-- in LEGO
Still, Ben
576.84 Z669
The invention of ecocide : agent orange, Vietnam, and the scientists who changed the way we think about the environment
Zierler, David
599.938 H345h
Homo deus : a brief history of tomorrow
Harari, Yuval N.
613.25 L4318
No time to lose
Lazinsky, Debbie
615.1 N9745 2019
Nursing 2019 Drug Handbook.
Wolters Kluwer (Firm)
615.1 P5364a4 2017
Pharmacology made incredibly easy!
Gersch, Carolyn J.
615.321 L468
Traditional magic spells for protection and healing
Lecouteux, Claude
615.7883 M6497
Psychedelic medicine : the healing powers of LSD, MDMA, Psilocybin, and Ayahuasca
Miller, Richard Louis
641.5975 G142
Magnolia table : a collection of recipes for gathering
Gaines, Joanna
641.5977 F412
Meals from the mitten
Ferwerda, Gina
641.5977 L6651
The Lake Michigan cottage cookbook : Door County cherry pie, Sheboygan bratwurst, Traverse City trout, and 115 more regional favorites
Levin, Amelia
648.8 F742
New minimalism : decluttering and design for sustainable, intentional living
Fortin, Cary Telander
649.122 R838
The ultimate guide for gay dads : everything you need to know about LGBTQ parenting but are (mostly) afraid to ask
Rosswood, Eric
649.8 M845
Lifeline : a parent's guide to coping with a child's serious or life-threatening medical issue
Morett, Denise
658.872 D158
Understanding social media : how to create a plan for your business that works
Ryan, Damian.
796.01 T2399
Work in : the athlete's plan for real recovery and winning results
Taylor, Erin
796.6 M6767
The bicycle : 200 years on two wheels
909 H4328
World history 101 : from ancient Mesopotamia and the Viking conquests to NATO and Wikileaks, an essential primer on world history
Head, Tom
919.804 W3414
ICE GHOSTS : the epic hunt for the lost franklin expedition.
944.04 D2527
The French Revolution: From Enlightenment to Tyranny.
Davidson, Ian.
741.5973 J776
Lady killer: Graphic Novel
Jones, Joelle & Rich,Jamie S.
813.54 F8486
Varina : a novel
Frazier, Charles
813.6 J793
An American marriage : a novel
Jones, Tayari
813.6 P4144
Love songs & other lies
Pennington, Jessica
Almost gone : twenty days and one chance to save our daughter
Baldwin, John Earl
The last black unicorn
Haddish, Tiffany
DVD 791.4372 A4167
All the money in the world
Scott, Ridley
DVD 791.4372 A6132a
Annabelle. Creation
Safran, Peter
DVD 791.4372 B6277
Black Panther
Coogler, Ryan
DVD 791.4372 B8511m
Feig, Paul.
DVD 791.4372 C6492
Heckerling, Amy.
DVD 791.4372 C667
Unkrich, Lee
DVD 791.4372 C787
Kozachik, Pete.
DVD 791.4372 D121
Daddy's home
Anders, Sean
DVD 791.4372 D121t
Daddy's home two
Anders, Sean
DVD 791.4372 D391
Den of thieves
Gudegast, Christian
DVD 791.4372 D7517
Payne, Alexander
DVD 791.4372 F347
Saldanha, Carlos
DVD 791.4372 F4697
50 first dates
Segal, Peter.
DVD 791.4372 F898t
Friday the 13th : 8-movie collection
Cunningham, Sean
DVD 791.4372 H8476
How to lose a guy in 10 days
Evans, Robert
DVD 791.4372 J966
Justice league
Roven, Charles
DVD 791.4372 L4969
Legally blonde
Platt, Marc
DVD 791.4372 L645
Let there be light
Sorbo, Kevin
DVD 791.4372 M4761d
Maze runner. The death cure
Ball, Wes
DVD 791.4372 M4831
Mean girls
Michaels, Lorne
DVD 791.4372 M727
Molly's game
Sorkin, Aaron
DVD 791.4372 N688
Tim Burton's The nightmare before Christmas
Di Novi, Denise.
DVD 791.4372 P4788
Peter Rabbit
Bazzi, Fayssal
DVD 791.4372 P535
Phantom thread
Anderson, Paul Thomas
DVD 791.4372 P535
Phantom thread
Anderson, Paul Thomas
DVD 791.4372 P7244
Please stand by
Wagner, Todd
DVD 791.4372 P8571
The Post
Spielberg, Steven
DVD 791.4372 P9651
Scott, Ridley
DVD 791.4372 S4459
Secondhand Lions
McCanlies, Tim
DVD 791.4372 S7953
Vaughn, Matthew
DVD 791.4372 T5313
Nunnari, Gianni.
DVD 791.4372 W7761
Because of Winn-Dixie
Wang, Wayne