Friday, January 18, 2019

New Titles - Jan. 18, 2019

Call Number
The line becomes a river : dispatches from the border
When they call you a terrorist : a Black Lives Matter memoir
Khan-Cullors, Patrisse
Obama, Michelle
Career 617.102 S7648 2018
Careers in sports medicine & training.

Career 621.042 G7958
Careers in green energy.

E M8283
Morales, Yuyi
J 813.6 K558
The meltdown
Kinney, Jeff
J 823.7 S5452ys
She made a monster : how Mary Shelley created Frankenstein
Fulton, Lynn
J 863.7 L8642
Ayobami and the names of the animals
Lopez, Pilar
Things fall apart
Achebe, Chinua
Breaking wild
Les Becquets, Diane
Brothers and sisters
Campbell, Bebe Moore
The girl with all the gifts
Carey, Mike
The forever Christmas tree
Hill, Sandra
Every breath
Sparks, Nicholas
813.54 K540
The outsider : a novel
King, Stephen                                
813.6 D138
Dalcher, Christina
823.92 A361
The power : a novel
Alderman, Naomi
004.67 M4788
How the Internet happened : from Netscape to the iPhone
McCullough, Brian
027.4794 O715
The library book
Orlean, Susan
028.7 A275
Information literacy and libraries in the age of fake news
Agosto, Denise E.
179.9 S6977
Why honor matters
Sommers, Tamler
223 O984
Oxford handbook of the writings of the Hebrew Bible
Morgan, Donn F.
248.843 H743
Girl, wash your face : stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be
Hollis, Rachel
261.2 B585
When one religion isn't enough : the lives of spiritually fluid people
Bidwell, Duane R.
270.092 P1339
Why religion? : a personal story
Pagels, Elaine H.
294.3923 D136ys
A call for revolution : a vision for the future
Lama, Dalai
297.211 M6434
God in the Qur'an
Miles, Jack
302.23 D596
Fandom : fic writers, vidders, gamers, artists, and cosplayers
DiPiazza, Francesca
302.23 F1999
Fandom : identities and communities in a mediated world
Gray, Jonathan
302.23 S61732
Likewar : the weaponization of social media
Singer, P. W.
303.483 F946
Hello world : being human in the age of algorithms
Fry, Hannah
304.2 B6268
Timefulness : how thinking like a geologist can help save the world
Bjornerud, Marcia
305.48896073 B975
Bury my heart in a free land : Black women intellectuals in modern U.S. history
Williams, Hettie V.
305.896073 G2595
Double negative : the black image and popular culture
Gates, Racquel J.
305.9 B287
American intolerance : our dark history of demonizing immigrants
Bartholomew, Robert E.
306.20973 A5129
America's post-truth phenomenon : when feelings and opinions trump facts and evidence
Prado, C. G.
306.875 S4543a
Accidental brothers : the story of twins exchanged at birth and the power of nature and nurture
Segal, Nancy L.
320.520973 B7251
The corrosion of conservatism : why I left the right
Boot, Max
320.97309 L6752
The fifth risk
Lewis, Michael
323.092 M4788
On the other side of freedom : the case for hope
Mckesson, DeRay
325.10973 W639
The making of a dream : how a group of young undocumented immigrants helped change what it means to be American
Wides, Laura
330.981 A484
The Oxford handbook of the Brazilian economy
Amann, Edmund
332.042 T672
Crashed : how a decade of financial crises changed the world
Tooze, J. Adam
333.72 M9383
Our earth, our species, our selves : how to thrive while creating a sustainable world
Moyer, Ellen E.
333.79 O986
The Oxford handbook of energy and society
Davidson, Debra J.
338.766362 A4258
Secret formula
Allen, Frederick
342.73087 S414
Appealing for liberty : freedom suits in the South
Schweninger, Loren
346.73048 N893
The legal guide for writers, artists and other creative people : protect your work and understand the law
Norwick, Kenneth P.
362.29 M696
Addictions, substance abuse & alcoholism
Moglia, Paul
362.409 O986
The Oxford handbook of disability history
Rembis, Michael A.
363.1799 P7293
Chernobyl : the history of a nuclear catastrophe
Plokhy, Serhii
363.31 O986
The Oxford handbook of music censorship
Hall, Patricia
363.70092 M2812
The wizard and the prophet : two remarkable scientists and their dueling visions to shape tomorrow's world
Mann, Charles C.
365.973 O986
The Oxford handbook of prisons and imprisonment
Wooldredge, John
370.89 E953
Ghosts in the schoolyard : racism and school closings on Chicago's South side
Ewing, Eve L.
378.795 H9417
University of Nike : how corporate cash bought American higher education
Hunt, Joshua
394.2068 L7952
Behind the red velvet curtain : build and run the event planning business of your dreams
Lo, Cindy Y.
500 H3929
Brief answers to the big questions
Hawking, Stephen
530 G892
Radioactivity and radiation : what they are, what they do, and how to harness them
Grupen, Claus
551.457 R952
Rising : dispatches from the new American shore
Rush, Elizabeth A.
551.6 R414
Principles of climatology
Renneboog, Richard
570 D9236
Never home alone : from microbes to millipedes, camel crickets, and honeybees, the natural history of where we live
Dunn, Rob R.
599.5 P995
Spying on whales : the past, present, and future of earth's most awesome creatures
Pyenson, Nick
612.11 G3489
Nine pints : a journey through the money, medicine, and mysteries of blood
George, Rose
613.2 C6782
Quench : beat fatigue, drop weight, and heal your body through the new science of optimum hydration
Cohen, Dana
616.1 A6919
The complete guide to vascular ultrasound
Arger, Peter H.
616.707543 J177a3
Fundamentals of musculoskeletal ultrasound
Jacobson, Jon A.
617.55 O971 2018
Abdominal sonography review : a review for the ARDMS abdominal specialty exam : 2018
Owen, Cindy
618.207543 C4711
Obstetric ultrasound : how, why, and when
Chudleigh, Patricia.
618.3207543 P1435a2 2014
Ultrasound of congenital fetal anomalies : differential diagnosis and prognostic indicators
Paladini, Dario
629.892 P9573
Principles of robotics & artificial intelligence

636.089 C322
Practical veterinary ultrasound
Cartee, Robert E.
636.508953 M4788
Big chicken : the incredible story of how antibiotics created modern agriculture and changed the way the world eats
McKenna, Maryn
641.86 B482b
Rose's baking basics : 100 essential recipes, with more than 600 step-by-step photos
Beranbaum, Rose Levy
657 S1635
Principles of business : accounting
Salem Press
658.4022 C8813
The culture code : the secrets of highly successful groups
Coyle, Daniel
701.15 G141
Art matters
Gaiman, Neil
741.56973 S8199
The labyrinth
Steinberg, Saul
741.5973 M391
The Avengers : the ultimate guide
Beatty, Scott
741.973 G6669
Gorey's worlds
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
780 O986
The Oxford handbook of community music
Bartleet, Brydie-Leigh
780.71 O986 v.1
The Oxford handbook of music education
McPherson, Gary.
782.421649 G7989
3 kings : Diddy, Dr. Dre, Jay Z, and hip-hop's multibillion-dollar rise
Greenburg, Zack O'Malley
791.43652 S1635 v.1
Critical survey of graphic novels : heroes & superheroes

791.4565 M7223
Latinas and Latinos on TV : colorblind comedy in the post-racial network era
Molina-Guzm, Isabel
791.5973 L598
The Secret History of Wonder Woman
Lepore, Jill
796.334 W1259
Masters of modern soccer : how the world's best play the twenty-first-century game
Wahl, Grant
823.8 D548yp
The Oxford handbook of Charles Dickens
Patten, Robert L.
940.5421421 E1923
D Day through German eyes : eyewitness accounts of German soldiers of June 6th 1944
Eckhertz, Holger
944.36107 C5555
City of light : the making of modern Paris
Christiansen, Rupert
973.24 B8735
Our beloved kin : a new history of King Philip's War
Brooks, Lisa Tanya
973.7378 S5536yr
Rising in flames : Sherman's March and the fight for a new nation
Dickey, Jeff
973.8 D7374ym
The speeches of Frederick Douglass : a critical edition
Douglass, Frederick
977.049 C8771
The bone and sinew of the land : America's forgotten black pioneers & the struggle for equality
Cox, Anna-Lisa
810.8 E235
Well-read black girl : finding our stories, discovering ourselves : an anthology
Edim, Glory
811.6 S272
Bury it
Sax, Sam