Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New Titles - June 30, 2020

Call Number
306.766 C419
The deviant's war : the homosexual vs. the United States of America
Cervini, Eric
310.9 W579
The sum of the people : how the census has shaped nations, from the ancient world to the modern age
Whitby, Andrew
320.0835 M3292
Youth to power : your voice and how to use it
Margolin, Jamie
323.06 F471
Fight of the century : writers reflect on 100 years of landmark ACLU cases
Chabon, Michael
324.60973 A1616
Our time is now : power, purpose, and the fight for a fair America
Abrams, Stacey
324.63 W411
Let the people pick the president : the case for abolishing the Electoral College
Wegman, Jesse
328.73 P392yb
Ball, Molly
338.17373 S448
Coffeeland : one man's dark empire and the making of our favorite drug
Sedgewick, Augustine
338.761 L6689
Facebook : the inside story
Levy, Steven
362.10425 E531
Which country has the world's best health care?
Emanuel, Ezekiel J.
362.20973 C3868
The complete mental health resource guide 2020/2021.

362.29309 E98
Death in Mud Lick : a coal country fight against the drug companies that delivered the opioid epidemic
Eyre, Eric
363.19 Z211
Ingredients : the strange chemistry of what we put in us and on us
Zaidan, George
363.7288 D679
Throwaway nation : the ugly truth about American garbage
Dondero, Jeff
363.73874 J253
The story of more : how we got to climate change and where to go from here
Jahren, Hope
384.54 M446
The radio right : how a band of broadcasters took on the federal government and built the modern conservative movement
Matzko, Paul
391.5 D112
Twisted: The Tangled History of Black Hair Culture.
Dabiri, Emma.
551.5271 G295
Chasing the sun : how the science of sunlight shapes our bodies and minds
Geddes, Linda
597.43 S9687
The book of eels : our enduring fascination with the most mysterious creature in the natural world
Svensson, Patrik
612.022 S2531
The circadian code : lose weight, supercharge your energy, and trans form your health from morning to midnight
Panda, Satchin
612.79 L986
The remarkable life of the skin : an intimate journey across our largest organ
Lyman, Monty
616.079 Y787
The autoimmune brain : a five-step plan for treating chronic pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and attention disorders
Younger, David S.
616.89 D2491
Into the abyss : a neuropsychiatrist notes on troubled minds
David, Anthony S.
616.9246 C5245
Preventing Lyme & other tick-borne diseases
Chesney, Alexis
658.4092 C5218
Leading with feeling : nine strategies of emotionally intelligent leadership
Cherniss, Cary
700.103 P9571
Unspeakable acts : women, art, and sexual violence in the 1970s
Princenthal, Nancy
781.6609 M1721
The rock music imagination
McParland, Robert
811.54 M1516
Muddy Matterhorn : poems 2009-2019
McHugh, Heather
973 V252
City on a hill : a history of American exceptionalism
Van Engen, Abram C.
973.0468 T865
How does it feel to be unwanted? : stories of resistance and resilience from Mexicans living in the United States
Truax, Eileen
973.049607 D816yl
W.E.B. Du Bois : the fight for equality and the American century, 1919-1963
Lewis, David Levering
973.54 M7535ym
James Monroe : a life
McGrath, Tim
973.7 S5536yr
SCOURGE OF WAR: the life of william tecumseh sherman.
973.7092 L736ys
Summoned to glory : the audacious life of Abraham Lincoln
Striner, Richard
973.711 W896
Arguing until doomsday : Stephen Douglas, Jefferson Davis, and the struggle for American democracy
Woods, Michael E.
973.911 R7818yb
The hour of fate : the story of Theodore Roosevelt, J. P. Morgan, and the battle to transform American capitalism
Berfield, Susan
973.933 B6945
The room where it happened : a White House memoir
Bolton, John R.
Empty : a memoir
Burton, Susan
Doyle, Glennon

Monday, June 15, 2020

New eBooks. Available 24/7. June 15, 2020

New Gale eBooks

Advances in Religious and Cultural Studies: Recent Social, Environmental, and Cultural Issues in East Asian Societies,:Information Science Reference, ISBN: 9781799818090, Pub Date:03/16/2020, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2020 , Subject Major: Social Science/Sociology

Contemporary World Issues Immigration Reform: A Reference Handbook,:ABC-Clio, ISBN: 9781440854088, Pub Date:09/23/2019, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2019 , Subject Major: Social Science/Sociology
Contemporary World Issues: Domestic Violence and Abuse: A Reference Handbook,:ABC-Clio, ISBN: 9781440858840, Pub Date:02/12/2020, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2020 , Subject Major: Social Science/Sociology
Contemporary World Issues: Racism in America: A Reference Handbook,:ABC-Clio, ISBN: 9781440856419, Pub Date:03/17/2020, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2020 , Subject Major: Social Science/Sociology
Contemporary World Issues: Vegetarianism and Veganism: A Reference Handbook,:ABC-Clio, ISBN: 9781440867644, Pub Date:10/09/2019, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2019 , Subject Major: Social Science/Sociology

Environmental Racism in the United States and Canada: Seeking Justice and Sustainability,:Praeger, ISBN: 9781440864032, Pub Date:04/20/2020, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2020 , Subject Major: Social Science/Sociology

History of Crime and Punishment: For-Profit Prisons,:Essential Library, ISBN: 9781532172434, Pub Date:12/11/2019, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2020 , Subject Major: Law
Race and Identity in Hispanic America: The White, the Black, and the Brown,:Praeger, ISBN: 9781440867859, Pub Date:04/20/2020, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2020 , Subject Major: Social Science/Sociology

User-Centered Software Development for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Emerging Research and Opportunities,:Engineering Science Reference, ISBN: 9781522585411, Pub Date:12/06/2019, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2020 , Subject Major: Computing

Voting and Political Representation in America: Issues and Trends,:ABC-Clio, ISBN: 9781440860850, Pub Date:03/17/2020, Edition: 1, Copyright: 2020 , Subject Major: Political Science

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

New Titles - June 3, 2020

Call Number
153.8 B174
Clearer, closer, better : how successful people see the world
Balcetis, Emily
306.766 B135
The economic case for LGBT equality : why fairness and equality benefit us all
Badgett, M. V. Lee
320.082 S8227
The firsts : the inside story of the women reshaping Congress
Steinhauer, Jennifer
330.122 H4974
Reimagining capitalism in a world on fire
Henderson, Rebecca
330.156 K446yca
The price of peace : money, democracy, and the life of John Maynard Keynes
Carter, Zachary D.
332.1092 G2398
Banking on freedom : black women in U.S. finance before the New Deal
Garrett-Scott, Shennette
362.1 C4619
Precision community health: four innovations for well-being.
Choucair, Bechara
362.10681 L4819
The long fix : solving America's health care crisis with strategies that work for everyone
Lee, Vivian S.
362.1082 M1475
Sex Matters: how male-centric medicine endangers women's health and what we can do about it.
McGregor, Dr. Alyson.
381.1420 D885
Bezonomics : how amazon is changing our lives, and what the world's best companies are learning from it
Dumaine, Brian
582.16 T859
Tree story : the history of the world written in rings
Trouet, Valerie
610.289 O33
When we do harm : a doctor confronts medical error
Ofri, Danielle
613.192 N468
Breath : the new science of a lost art
Nestor, James
616.831 M8218
Alzheimer's disease and infectious causes : the theory and evidence
Moore, Elaine A.
616.833 D718
Ending Parkinson's disease : a prescription for action
Dorsey, Ray
616.8982 K813
Hidden Valley Road : inside the mind of an American family
Kolker, Robert
616.9041 Z23
Biography of resistance : the epic battle between people and pathogens
Zaman, Muhammad H.
616.99419 S463
When blood breaks down : lessons from leukemia
Sekeres, Mikkael A.
617.95 M6256
Borrowing life : how scientists, surgeons, and a war hero made the first successful organ transplant a reality
Mickle, Shelley Fraser
630.92 J591
The earth in her hands : 75 extraordinary women working in the world of plants
Jewell, Jennifer
633.53 F495a
American hemp farmer : adventures and misadventures in the cannabis trade
Fine, Doug
635.951 T147
Nature's best hope : a new approach to conservation that starts in your yard
Tallamy, Douglas W.
641.612 M6594
Take one can : 80 delicious meals from the cupboard
Milne, Lola
658.45 M8217
Perfectly confident : how to calibrate your decisions wisely
Moore, Don A.
730 C1461yp
Calder : the conquest of space : the later years : 1940-1976
Perl, Jed
791.436 W5926
Play the way you feel : the essential guide to jazz stories on film
Whitehead, Kevin
794.8 M8255
Young guns : obsession, Overwatch, and the future of gaming
Moorhead, Austin
910.45 J695
Enemy of all mankind : a true story of piracy, power, and history's first global manhunt
Johnson, Steven
929.1072 C7826
The lost family : how DNA testing is upending who we are
Copeland, Libby
970.00497 B8196
The rise and fall of North American Indians : from prehistory through Geronimo
Brandon, William
970.00497 D899
"All the real Indians died off" : and 20 other myths about Native Americans
Dunbar-Ortiz, Roxanne
973.0468 S7986
Latinos in the United States
Stavans, Ilan
973.0496073 O667
Racial matters : the FBI's secret file on Black America, 1960-1972
O'Reilly, Kenneth.
973.4 C523
The cabinet : George Washington and the creation of an American institution
Chervinsky, Lindsay M.
973.74 F947
A republic in the ranks : loyalty and dissent in the Army of the Potomac
Fry, Zachery A.
In the shadow of the valley
Conn, Bobi
Fairest : a memoir
Talusan, Meredith