Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New Titles - Feb 25, 2020

Call Number
004 C7383
Principles of computer science
Franceschetti, Donald R.
070.44932 N564
Surprising news : how the media affect, and do not, affect politics
Newton, Kenneth
141.3 B9282
Conflagration : how the Transcendentalists sparked the American struggle for racial, gender, and social justice
Buehrens, John A.
153 G737
Physical intelligence : the science of how the body and the mind guide each other through life
Grafton, Scott T.
153.69 V264
The body language of politics : decide who is lying, who is sincere, and how you'll vote
Van Natten, Donna
155.232 H1777
The narcissist in your life : recognizing the patterns and learning to break free
Hall, Julie L.
158.1 F6557
Tiny habits : + the small changes that change everything
Fogg, B. J.
177.3 K434
Would I lie to you? : the amazing power of being honest in a world that lies
Ketteler, Judi
201.76332 G9816
When religion kills : how extremists justify violence through faith
Gurski, Phil
305.800973 F3123
Building bridges across the racial divide
Feldman, Larry
306.20973 G543
The trouble with reality : a rumination on moral panic in our time
Gladstone, Brooke
320.973 K642
Why we're polarized
Klein, Ezra
324.6209 D1862
Uncounted : the crisis of voter suppression in the United States
Daniels, Gilda R.
324.973 H348
Election meltdown : dirty tricks, distrust, and the threat to American democracy
Hasen, Richard L.
330 E1975
Principles of business. Economics
Salem Press
330 I648
The little book of economics : how the economy works in the real world
Ip, Greg
330 K818
Foundations of real world economics : what every economics student needs to know
Komlos, John
331.1330973 U78
The affirmative action puzzle : a living history from reconstruction to today
Urofsky, Melvin I.
338.19 W9512
Hunger in the land of plenty : a critical look at food insecurity
Wright, James D.
338.88 H6989
Corporate actors in global governance : business as usual or new deal?
Hofferberth, Matthias
355.825119 K173
The bomb : presidents, generals, and the secret history of nuclear war
Kaplan, Fred M.
362.7086 M1833
Invisible Americans : the tragic cost of child poverty
Madrick, Jeffrey G.
363.25092 D2726
American Sherlock : murder, forensics, and the birth of American CSI
Dawson, Kate Winkler
363.25092 W756
The nature of life and death : every body leaves a trace
Wiltshire, Patricia E. J.
363.50979 D732
Golden gates : fighting for housing in America
Dougherty, Conor
371.010973 R256
Slaying Goliath : the passionate resistance to privatization and the fight to save America's public schools
Ravitch, Diane
371.782 H6692
Sexual citizens : a landmark study of sex, power, and assault on campus
Hirsch, Jennifer S.
372.82 H192
Social skills for kids : over 75 fun games & activities for building better relationships, problem-solving & improving communication
Halloran, Janine
378.30973 P4859a24 2020
Peterson's scholarships, grants & prizes 2020.
Peterson's (Firm)
395 M5111
Modern etiquette made easy : a five-step method to mastering etiquette
Meier, Myka
507.2 S4169
Principles of scientific research
Franceschetti, Donald R.
510 P2422
Humble pi : when math goes wrong in the real world
Parker, Matt
520 A859
Principles of astronomy
Franceschetti, Donald R.
570 B6157
Principles of biology
Crawford, Christina A.
580 B748
Principles of botany
Renneboog, Richard
590 Z879
Principles of zoology
Renneboog, Richard
612 B9166
The body : a guide for occupants
Bryson, Bill
616.0472 P144
Principles of health : pain management.
Salem Press
617.1027 A813
Good to go : what the athlete in all of us can learn from the strange science of recovery
Aschwanden, Christie
629.454 F421
Moonbound : Apollo 11 and the dream of spaceflight
Fetter-Vorm, Jonathan
658.4092 L4344
Principles of business : leadership
Mayo, Frederic B.
658.421 E6128
Principles of business : Entrepreneurship
Salem Press
660.6 B6164
Principles of biotechnology
Crawford, Christina A.
741.5973 C8852
New kid
Craft, Jerry
796.83092 F715ys
No way but to fight : George Foreman and the business of boxing
Smith, Andrew R. M.
808.23 S6751
Save the cat! : the last book on screenwriting you'll ever need
Snyder, Blake
919.89 D2629
A polar affair : Antarctica's forgotten hero and the secret love lives of penguins
Davis, Lloyd Spencer
930.1 P225
Archaeology from space : how the future shapes our past
Parcak, Sarah H.
940.531809 M5446
Mengele : unmasking the "Angel of Death"
Marwell, David George
940.548641 P2473
A game of birds and wolves : the secret game that won the war
Parkin, Simon
973.41 M5288
The first conspiracy : the secret plot to kill George Washington
Meltzer, Brad
973.92 S6582
Polarization and the presidency : from FDR to Barack Obama
Smith, Robert C.
Half of a yellow sun
Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi
The girls with no names
Burdick, Serena
813.54 W5922n
The nickel boys : a novel
Whitehead, Colson
813.6 C9718
American dirt
Cummins, Jeanine
813.6 H5572
Sal & Gabi break the universe
Hernandez, Carlos Alberto
813.6 K521
King, A. S.
813.6 M8229
Long bright river
Moore, Liz
813.6 U22
The beast player
Uehashi, Nahoko
813.6 W7213
Genesis begins again
Williams, Alicia
E C3146e
Dancing hands : how Teresa Carreño played the piano for President Lincoln
Jackson, Peter
E L9917
Going down home with Daddy
Engle, Margarita
E N997
Lyons, Kelly Starling
E Y221
Stop! Bot!
Nyong'o, Lupita
J 306.76 B1676yp
Sewing the rainbow : the story of Gilbert Baker and the rainbow flag
Yang, James
J 811.6 A3767
The undefeated
Pitman, Gayle E.
J 813.6 W274
Other words for home
Alexander, Kwame
DVD 791.4372 A1452

DVD 791.4372 A5814
Angel has fallen
Culton, Jill
DVD 791.4372 A7847r
The art of racing in the rain
Waugh, Ric Roman
DVD 791.4372 B383
A beautiful day in the neighborhood
Curtis, Simon
DVD 791.4372 H297
Heller, Marielle
DVD 791.4372 H6822
Hobbs & Shaw
Lemmons, Kasi
DVD 791.4372 H7491
Holmes & Watson
Leitch, David
DVD 791.4372 H9728
Cohen, Etan
DVD 791.4372 I880 pt.2
It. Chapter two
Scafaria, Lorene
DVD 791.4372 J749
Muschietti, Barbara
DVD 791.4372 M534
Men in black. International
Phillips, Todd
DVD 791.4372 M6297
Gray, F. Gary
DVD 791.4372 N715
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Emmerich, Roland
DVD 791.4372 O5836u
Once upon a time... in Hollywood
Liebesman, Jonathan
DVD 791.4372 S4461Li pt.2
The secret life of pets 2
Tarantino, Quentin
DVD 791.4372 T6499
Unkrich, Lee
DVD 791.4372 T756
Toy story
Karukoski, Dome
DVD 791.4372 T7562 pt.2
Toy story 2
Lasseter, John.
DVD 791.4372 T562 pt.3
Toy Story 3
Renaud, Chris
DVD 791.4372 T7562 pt.4
Toy story 4
Lasseter, John
DVD 791.4372 T9717
21 bridges
Cooley, Josh
DVD 791.4372 W5679
Where'd you go, Bernadette
Kirk, Brian
DVD 940.3 T421
They shall not grow old
Linklater, Richard