Wednesday, March 15, 2023

New Titles - March 15, 2023


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030 F6991

Writing the revolution: Wikipedia and the survival of facts in the digital age

Ford, Heather

070.922 C6781

Last call at the Hotel Imperial: the reporters who took on a world at war

Cohen, Deborah

152.42 L839


Lomas, Tim

155.2 C1355

Bittersweet: how sorrow and longing make us whole

Cain, Susan

155.422 R1614

The read aloud factor: how to create the habit that boosts your baby's brain

Rajan, Rekha S.

215 R895

Astrotopia: the dangerous religion of the corporate space race

Rubenstein, Mary-Jane

302.231 F5353

The chaos machine: the inside story of how social media rewired our minds and our world

Fisher, Max

303.33 H769

You've been played: how corporations, governments, and schools use games to control us all

Hon, Adrian

303.37 O977

The case for cancel culture: how this democratic tool works to liberate us all

Owens, Ernest

306.3620973 R4331

The other slavery: the uncovered story of Indian enslavement in America

Resaendez, Andraes

306.4613 K524

The body liberation project: How understanding racism and diet culture helps cultivate joy and freedom

King, Chrissy

307.76 L9127

Why public space matters

Low, Setha M.

331.530 C2125

Queer career: sexuality and work in modern America

Canaday, Margot

332.0240082 D921

Financial feminist: overcome the patriarchy's bullsh*t to master your money and build a life you love

Dunlap, Tori

333.71 J146

An inconvenient apocalypse: environmental collapse, climate crisis, and the fate of humanity

Jackson, Wes

333.75130 B773

Tree thieves: crime and survival in North America's woods

Bourgon, Lyndsie

338.76686 N115

Toxic exposure: the true story behind the Monsanto trials and the search for justice

Nabhan, Chadi

339.20973 E367

The myth of American inequality: how government biases policy debate

Gramm, Phil

347.7326 S4581

American crusade: how the Supreme Court is weaponizing religious freedom

Seidel, Andrew L.

358.4762 M6474

Chip war: the fight for the world's most critical technology

Miller, Chris

362.8709 B624

The great displacement: climate change and the next American migration

Bittle, Jake

363.7 V275

The green amendment: the people's fight for a clean, safe, and healthy environment

Van Rossum, Maya K.

363.738747 B525

The carbon footprint of everything

Berners-Lee, Mike

370.8909 Y123

Teaching White supremacy: America's democratic ordeal and the forging of our national identity

Yacovone, Donald

572.786 G8161

Remnants of ancient life: the new science of old fossils

Greenwalt, Dale E.

577.14 E282

The devil's element: phosphorus and a world out of balance

Egan, Dan

577.69 P639

Vanishing sands: losing beaches to mining

Pilkey, Orrin H.

581.632 J834

Held by the land: a guide to indigenous plants for wellness

Joseph, Leigh

582.16 T786

The tree book.

DK Publishing, Inc.

612.8 P9867

The brain behind pain: exploring the mind-body connection

Purvez, Akhtar

613 C431

Home detox: make your home a healthier place for everyone who lives there

Chace, Daniella

618.9289 B2441

Traveling different: vacation strategies for parents of the anxious, the inflexible, and the neurodiverse

Barclay, Dawn M.

635.048975 P3385

Compost science for gardeners: simple methods for nutrient rich soil

Pavlis, Robert

636.089092 F4954

The other family doctor: A veterinarian explores what animals can teach us about love, life and mortality

Fine, Karen DVM

646.4 O611

Professor Pincushion's beginner guide to sewing: garment making for nervous newbies

Opatrny, Tova

650.14 S9488

Date your career: the longest relationship of your life

Sukhoy, Alexsandra

658.4092 R7639

Good power: leading positive change in our lives, work, and world

Rometty, Ginni

709.6074 B721

African art now: fifty pioneers defining African art for the twenty-first century

Bonsu, Osei

781.1 S442

Computing taste: algorithms and the makers of music recommendation

Seaver, Nick

782.4216609 B719

Surrender: 40 songs, one story


796.082 A441

When women stood: the untold history of females who changed sports and the world

Allred, Alexandra Powe

796.08996 A5451

The Black athlete revolt: the sport justice movement in the age of #BlackLivesMatter

Anderson, Shaun M.

917.304 H1741

Driving the Green Book: a road trip through the living history of Black resistance

Hall, Alvin D.

970.00497 H1986

Indigenous continent: the epic contest for North America

Heamealeainen, Pekka

972.1 H5571

Bad Mexicans: race, empire, and revolution in the borderlands

Hernaandez, Kelly Lytle

973.509 G813

The Grimkes: the legacy of slavery in an American family

Greenidge, Kerri K.

973.75 R7952

The lion and the fox: two rival spies and the secret plot to build a Confederate Navy

Rose, Alexander

973.8 W7247

I saw death coming: a history of terror and survival in the war against Reconstruction

Williams, Kidada E.



The book eaters

Dean, Sunyi


The women could fly: a novel

Giddings, Megan


Demon Copperhead: a novel

Kingsolver, Barbara


River sing me home

Shearer, Eleanor


Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Zevin, Gabrielle


Accidentally engaged

Heron, Farah


Wait for it

McKinlay, Jenn



Unspeakable: surviving my childhood and finding my voice

Fisher, Jessica Willis