Wednesday, April 10, 2024

New eBooks from Gale eBooks database and Salem Press database. April 10, 2024.

 New eBooks from Gale eBooks database and Salem Press database.

 Gale eBooks

 African-American Activism and Political Engagement

Campus Free Speech

Chocolate: A Cultural Encyclopedia

Confronting Poverty: Economic Hardship in the United States

Connective Tissue Diseases and Disorders Sourcebook

Democracy Disrupted: Communication in the Volatile 202 Presidential Election

Deviant Behavior

Early Modern Europe: Facts and Fiction

Elections A to Z

Encyclopedia of Hair: A Cultural History

Family Violence in the United States: Defining, Understanding, and Combating Abuse

Food Insecurity

Healthy Sleep: Your Questions Answered

Histories of Nationalism Beyond Europe: Myths, Elitism and Transnational Connections

Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Women After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Right-Wing Extremism in Canada and the United States

Scandal and American Politics in the 21st Century

Sportswomen's Apparel Around the World: Uniformly Discussed

Sustaining America's Strategic Advantage

Tech Wars: Transforming U.S. Technology Department

The 2020 Presidential Election

The Forgotten Victims of Sexual Violence in Film, Television and New Media

The Holocaust

The Next Space Race

The Palgrave International Handbook of Youth Imprisonment

The Two Koreas and their Global Engagements

Today's Civil Rights and Liberties Issues

Trends, Applications, and Challenges of Chatbot Technology

What You Need to Know About Measles

What You Need to Know about Personality Disorders

Women and Politics: Global Lives in Focus

Women, Power, and Rape Culture: The Politics and Policy of Underrepresentation


·         Careers in Illustration and Animation

·         Careers in Intelligence and National Security

·         Critical Insights: Power and Corruption

·         Defining Documents: Religious Freedom and Persecution

·         Defining Documents: Treason

·         Defining Documents: Workers’ Rights

·         Great Lives from History: LGBTQ+

·         Opinions Throughout History: Truth and Lies in Media

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

New Titles - March 26, 2024


Call Number




220.9 W9512

Why the Bible began: an alternative history of scripture and its origins

Wright, Jacob L.

305.4842 F628

The furies: women, vengeance, and justice

Flock, Elizabeth

305.800973 B7919

Why does everything have to be about race? 25 arguments that won't go away

Boykin, Keith

306 C5129

Filterworld: how algorithms flattened culture

Chayka, Kyle

320.973 M1731

Attack from within: how disinformation is sabotaging America

McQuade, Barbara

323 E934YR

Medgar & Myrlie: Medgar Evers and the love story that awakened America

Reid, Joy-Ann

342.73085 H2338

The origins of Woke: civil rights law, corporate America, and the triumph of identity politics

Hanania, Richard

362.1109173 M1543

Hospital city, health care nation: race, capital, and the costs of American health care

McKee, Guian A.

362.7089 P9731

Broken: transforming Child Protective Services: notes of a former caseworker

Pryce, Jessica

362.775692 S6837

If you see them: young, unhoused, and alone in America

Sokolik, Vicki

363.96 C9538

Policing pregnant bodies: from ancient Greece to post-Roe America

Crowther, Kathleen M.

614.170 B1552

Clay and bones: my life as an FBI forensic artist

Bailey, Lisa

616.075 N438

Textbook of Neonatal ultrasound

Haller, Jack O.

616.8900835 N897

The college student's guide to mental health: essential wellness strategies for flourishing in college

Nosanow, Mia

746.44 B748

Abstract embroidery: slow stitching with texture, color and creativity

Botelho, Emily

759.2 H6859T

David Hockney: a chronology

Holzwarth, Hans Werner

973.2 F997

Not stolen: the truth about European colonialism in the new world

Fynn-Paul, Jeff



The women

Hannah, Kristin


How to sell a haunted house

Hendrix, Grady


J 323 K547

We dream a world: carrying the light from my grandparents Martin Luther King, Jr., and Coretta Scott King

King, Yolanda Renee


Where sleeping girls lie

Abike-Iyimide, Faridah

Thursday, February 8, 2024

New Titles - Feb 8, 2024


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025.042 C327

Verified: how to think straight, get duped less, and make better decisions about what to believe online

Caulfield, Mike

098.1 J389

Silenced in the library: banned books in America

Jarvis, Zeke

294.3 T4558

The history of Buddhist thought.

Thomas, E. J.

303.48 N752

Algorithms of oppression: how search engines reinforce racism

Noble, Safiya Umoja

305.800973 Y21

Until our lungs give out: conversations on race, justice, and the future

Yancy, George

323.0973 K537YS

The kneeling man: my father's life as a Black spy who witnessed the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Seletzky, Leta McCollough

323.1196073 B8771

The black butterfly: the harmful politics of race and space in America

Brown, Lawrence T.

324.973 G7967

The rebels: Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the struggle for a new American politics

Green, Joshua

328.73092 C5186

Oath and honor: a memoir and a warning

Cheney, Liz

363.379 V131

Fire weather: a true story from a hotter world

Vaillant, John

610.73076 H584c

HESI admission assessment exam review

Cuellar, Tina

616.025 P3177

ER nurses: walk my rounds with me: true stories from America’s greatest unsung heroes

Patterson, James

616.89 C7326a10 2022

Fundamentals of abnormal psychology

Comer, Ronald J.

616.89 G6668a3 2022

Case studies in abnormal psychology

Gorenstein, Ethan E.

641.5 A3984

Food for life: delicious & healthy comfort food from my table to yours!

Ali, Laila

741.51 K1949

How to draw manga: basics and beyond

Katagiri, Ryo

741.51 S8479 pt.1

How to draw anime. Part 1

Stevenson, Joseph

741.51 S8479 pt.2

How to draw manga. Part 2, Drawing manga figures

Stevenson, Joseph

745.92 M6859

Tulipina's floral fantasy: magnificent arrangements and design inspiration from world-renowned florist Kiana Underwood

Mattanza, Alessandra

759.1 R9617

Back-tracking in memory: the life of Charles M. Russell, artist: recollections, reflections and personal perspectives

Russell, Nancy Cooper

792 H6731

Theatre as human action: an introduction to theatre arts

Hischak, Thomas S.

792.02 G4795a9 2023

Theatrical design and production: an introduction to scenic design and construction, lighting, sound, costume, and makeup

Gillette, J. Michael

792.028 D6855

The actor and the target

Donnellan, Declan.

796.83 A3984

Reach! finding strength, spirit + personal power

Ali, Laila

808.2 B1872

Backwards and forwards: a technical manual for reading plays

Ball, David

973.917092 B4353

The firebrand and the First Lady: portrait of a friendship: Pauli Murray, Eleanor Roosevelt, and the struggle for social justice

Bell-Scott, Patricia


812.54 K972

Angels in America: a gay fantasia on national themes

Kushner, Tony.

812.54 W7467YJ

Joe Turner's come and gone: a play in two acts

Wilson, August.

812.54 W7467YM

Ma Rainey's black bottom: a play in two acts

Wilson, August.

812.54 W7467YP

The piano lesson: a play in two acts

Wilson, August.

812.54 W7467YS

Seven guitars: a play in two acts

Wilson, August

812.54 W7467YT

Two trains running: a play in two acts

Wilson, August.

891.723 C5159YS

The plays of Anton Chekhov

Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich



The waters: a novel

Campbell, Bonnie Jo


Butcher & Blackbird

Weaver, Brynne



The talk

Bell, Darrin



Clowes, Daniel


Mister Mammoth

Kindt, Matt


Heartstopper. Volume 5

Oseman, Alice


J 323 K537

I have a dream

King, Martin Luther


The storyteller

Hobson, Brandon


This book is banned

Haldar, Raj