Thursday, July 28, 2022

New Titles - July 28, 2022


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142.78 A2869

One beat more: existentialism and the gift of mortality

Aho, Kevin

209 C9891

Cults: inside the world's most notorious groups and understanding the people who joined them

Cutler, Max

305.896073 L556

This is the fire: what I say to my friends about racism

Lemon, Don

323.1196073 D4113

The movement made us: a father, a son, and the legacy of a freedom ride

Dennis, David J.

364.15309 A924

Hollywood ending: Harvey Weinstein and the culture of silence

Auletta, Ken

378.1 B4267

Colleges worth your money: a guide to what America's top schools can do for you

Belasco, Andrew

634.11 O814

Hardy apples: growing apples in cold climates

Osborne, Robert A.

658.421 A1613

Level up: rise above the hidden forces holding your business back

Abrams, Stacey

791.089 A136

A little devil in America: notes in praise of Black performance

Abdurraqib, Hanif

808.066658 C8733

Writing on the job: best practices for communicating in the digital age

Coven, Martha B.

812.54 W7467YF

Fences: a play

Wilson, August.

940.531835 C121

The school that escaped the Nazis: the true story of the schoolteacher who defied Hitler

Cadbury, Deborah



More than you'll ever know: a novel

Gutierrez, Katie


Woman, eating: a novel

Kohda, Claire


The Marsh King's daughter

Dionne, Karen


The hideous book of hidden Horrors

Murano, Doug



Coming up for air

Daley, Tom


Reasons to stay alive

Haig, Matt

947.0862 P988ys


Short, Philip

Thursday, July 14, 2022

New Titles - July 14, 2022


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070.43 M1191

Beyond fake news: finding the truth in a world of misinformation

McBrayer, Justin P.

149.73 B4998

Calling bullshit: the art of skepticism in a data-driven world

Bergstrom, Carl T.

175 O5867

A philosopher looks at digital communication

O'Neill, Onora

179.9 V282

Humble: free yourself from the traps of a narcissistic world

Van Tongeren, Daryl

292.13 B991

The Greek myths that shape the way we think

Buxton, Richard

306.0973 M6859

The quaking of America: an embodied guide to navigating our nation's upheaval and racial reckoning

Menakem, Resmaa

320.5109 W1981

The deep roots of American neoliberalism: a cultural, economic, and philosophical history

Waller, Bruce N.

320.973014 H348

Cheap speech: how disinformation poisons our politics -- and how to cure it

Hasen, Richard L.

324.6 S4383

One person, one vote: a surprising history of gerrymandering in America

Seabrook, Nick

333.7515 L221

Now is the time for trees: make an impact by planting the earth's most valuable resource

Lambe, Dan

338.7621380 I332

Hot seat: what I learned leading a great American company

Immelt, Jeff

363.73874 S737

Crimes against nature: capitalism and global heating

Sparrow, Jeff

364.089 F126

Junk science and the American criminal justice system

Fabricant, M. Chris

370.1 G6644

Education in a cultural war era: thinking philosophically about the practice of cancelling

Gordon, Mordechai

370.15 H3664

10 steps to develop great learners: visible learning for parents

Hattie, John

519.5 L6654

Even you can learn statistics and analytics: an easy-to-understand guide

Levine, David M.

579.2 O834

Virology: essays for the living, the dead, and the small things in between

Osmundson, Joseph

615.7827 C415

Marijuana on my mind: the science and mystique of cannabis

Cermak, Timmen L.

616.07572 S1321a12

Lange Q & A. Radiography examination

Saia, D. A.

616.8045 S5928

Brain health as you age: a practical guide to maintenance and prevention

Simmons, Steven P.

629.45 G358

Not necessarily rocket science a beginner's guide to life in the space age

Gerardi, Kellie

635.955 S6486

Cacti and succulent’s handbook: the ultimate guide to growing techniques with a directory of 300+ common species and varieties

Smith, Gideon

641.83 S5826

Salads are more than leaves: salads to get excited about

Silcock, Elena

643.12 G561

100 questions every first-time home buyer should ask: with answers from top brokers from around the country

Glink, Ilyce R.

930.1 F151

Archaeology: the basics

Fagan, Brian M.

956.9405 P2184

A history of modern Palestine

Pappe, Ilan

973.7092 W5856

A house built by slaves: African American visitors to the Lincoln White House

White, Jonathan W.



I can take it from here: a memoir of trauma, prison and self-empowerment

Forbes, Lisa


My seven Black fathers: a young activist's memoir of race, family, and the mentors who made him whole

Jawando, Will

Thursday, June 9, 2022

New Titles - June 9, 2022


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158.1 B8773

Atlas of the heart: mapping meaningful connection and the language of human experience

Brown, Brene

305 I429

Inequality in America: causes and consequences

Rycroft, Robert S.

332.024 R8231

Personal finance for teens and college students: the complete guide to financial literacy for teens and young adults

Ross, Kara

335.4 M3924YD

Old gods, new enigmas: Marx's lost theory

Davis, Mike

338.76164 B9818

Starbucks: Corporations that changed the world

Bussing-Burks, Marie

364.1523 F668

Trigger points: inside the mission to stop mass shootings in America

Follman, Mark

364.153097 H244

Defining sexual misconduct: power, media, and #MeToo

Hannem, Stacey

595.7 M658

The insect crisis: the fall of the tiny empires that run the world

Milman, Oliver

598.94 M7871

The hawk's way: encounters with fierce beauty

Montgomery, Sy

616.89009 B4995

The mind and the moon: my brother's story, the science of our brains, and the search for our psyches

Bergner, Daniel

617.954 B7437

Organ donation

Boslaugh, Sarah

618.92898 V841

What you need to know about schizophrenia

Vitelli, Romeo

668.4 N562

Plastics and microplastics: a reference handbook

Newton, David E.

791.4309 H549

Disney: Corporations that changed the world

Herlihy, Stacy Mintzer

796.3230973 J665

The black fives: the epic story of basketball's forgotten era

Johnson, Claude

916.2043 M6456

River of the gods: genius, courage, and betrayal in the search for the source of the Nile

Millard, Candice



Scarlet in blue: a novel

Murphy, Jennifer


The ghost bride

Choo, Yangsze


The night tiger

Choo, Yangsze


It ends with us

Hoover, Colleen



Finding me

Davis, Viola


His name is George Floyd: one man's life and the struggle for racial justice

Samuels, Robert


Hello, Molly! : a memoir

Shannon, Molly



The lantern house

Napier, Erin